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Your link to better publicity Your access to greater airplay artists, bands, songwriters - let D.I.Y. Promotions help you with your marketing plans.

Don't depend on luck
Don't gamble with your musical career !  Success is not just a matter of luck.  There is a proven, systematic way for getting your music heard ...   Want to take your career to the next level ?   When you're as serious about your career as you are about your music ... D.I.Y. PromotionsTM:

D.I.Y. Promotions offers access to a mammoth database containing all college and commercial radio stations in North America, music industry contacts, record labels, venues, and press and industry trade lists. Other services include personal business and promotional consulting, press kit creation, graphics, Web design, music production, photography, video, legal and accounting services. All aspects of a career in music are encompassed here.

Other features: D.I.Y.'s Online Catalog provides artists the ability to distribute their work securely. Post a free ad, get tech advice or career tips. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for visiting our site; we hope you enjoy your stay !

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