Reparation Fund for Ukraine and Other Russian-Invaded Countries From Seized Russian Assets

I'd like to propose a method to pressure Russia to cease military operations in Ukraine, while also using their frozen assets to assist in rebuilding countries they've recently ravaged. Putin's regime is a criminal one, and this would be a method to enact punishment on this rogue as well as assist the nations he's ruined.

With frozen Russian assets, a certain amount should be immediately seized and applied to a Reparations Fund for the evil Russia has perpetrated on Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Azerbaijan and other areas afflicted by the Great Bear's tyranny***.  As an estimate totalling some $ 600 billion in their banks, Russia would no doubt use the bulk of it for more military misadventures.

Let's start by immediately deducting $ 200 - 250 billion for damages, deaths, and destruction since 2014. A fair amount. For every day Russia remains in Ukraine, deduct $ 30 - 50 billion more. This is money Russia will never get back, because this nation has proven that it will only inflict more evil with it. This notion of reparations should be another weapon against Russia, and it will hurt them severely. It could be deposited into a permanent, secure account that Russia would never have access to, and / or be given to vetted humanitarian-relief organizations such as Doctors Without Borders for their work in affected areas, medical services for those wounded or maimed, as well as for infrastructure repair.

The only way Russia would ever get any of these funds returned, is to withdraw its belligerent forces and weaponry from all occupied / bombarded areas in Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Azerbaijan and other territories, agree to OSCE observers on all borders with constant human monitoring and real-time electronic and satellite surveillance, cancel their ridiculous recent "People's Republics", order the separatist pro-Russian extremists to disarm and permanently disband, and return Crimea and Donbas to its proper owner. Russia won't like any of this. Too bad for them.

***   I would have included Chechnya also, as Russian bombardment of the Chechnyan capitol Grozny might well rank as one of history's worst war crimes. But Russia has since installed a puppet government there, who actually have sent their own troops to Ukraine as part of the invasion, so the current Chechnyan government likewise bears responsibility for the onslaught, and should be excluded from reparations - as well as having their assets seized.

Belarus was also complicit in the invasion war crime, with Putin's fellow tyrant, Belarussian leader Lukashenko offering a staging ground for the invaders from the north - and now, ominously, contemplating sending its own troops in as well. Both countries have thus supplied troops and weapons in the otherwise mostly-Russian incursion. They aided and abetted this crime, and should also suffer consequences. Their assets should be seized as well.

Obviously, all of this money would be unavailable should Russia prevail and then installs a puppet government. For each day they remain in our country, another $ 50 billion would be deducted. In a matter of days, if they stay, it will all be gone, and the aggressor will be bankrupt. The world appeased Hitler until it was too late. The world made the same mistake with Putin until it was too late. The tougher the sanctions on Russia and its nefarious allies, the greater the chance that Russia - or other future warmongers - will think twice about invading peaceful neighbors.

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