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Site Descriptions and Client Testimonials

Here are current and recent websites developed by Art-Efex, including client testimonials. Each link to a site below will open in a separate browser window for your convenience. When finished viewing a linked site, close the second window and return here.

RMS Guitar Repair

"RMS Guitar Repair offers highest quality guitar repair and expert guitar setup, from a professional with 25 years experience. Exceptional care is taken with all types of electric and acoustic guitars and basses, specializing in Fender and Gibson instruments."

"I'm very pleased with the website that Oleh designed for me. It was very easy to discuss options with him and he was quite helpful in guiding me through the steps. He handled my many text changes (with class) and was able to put my vision on the screen. This is my first site and I found it to be an enjoyable and educational experience. I would recommend Oleh to anyone interested in a website, or anything to do with one!" Robert Szwedo, Proprietor

RMSRMS Guitar Repair

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Larry Price Art Gallery

Larry Price is an artist whose work encompasses fine art, illustration, science fiction / fantasy and sculpture, and is fluent with traditional as well as digital media. He decided it was time to have an online gallery to showcase his diverse body of work. The opening splash page will take a long time to download with analog dial-up modems, but the double-mouseovers are quite spectacular.

"When I first presented my ideas about the website to Oleh - especially the opening page, he said my concept would be difficult-to-impossible to execute as-is, but said he'd try it anyway because he likes a challenge. Within three days it was finished and perfect. Oleh is a miracle worker!" Larry Price, owner

Larry Price Art GalleryLarry Price Art Gallery

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D.I.Y. Promotions

This is a site that no longer exists online, as the company is no longer in business. Because this site was among the most challenging sites I've ever worked on ( as well as the most fun to create ! ), I've reproduced it here.

D.I.Y. PromotionsD.I.Y. Promotions

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Pax Christi Illinois

Pax Christi Illinois is the Illinois state chapter of Pax Christi USA, itself a subset of Pax Christi International, the Catholic peace and justice organization. It is one of the non-governmental organizations ( NGO's ) listed by the United Nations. This site is currently being constructed; more details will follow.

"Oleh is the most talented and creative graphic artist that I know. Oleh worked with me to establish our first website for Pax Christi Illinois, a chapter of Pax Christi USA, a not for profit organization of the Catholic Church. Our membership exceeds 5000 in the state of Illinois. As such we needed a means to communicate up-to-date information concerning current events as well as the distribution of important documents. Oleh has designed the website to be user friendly. I have heard from other regional coordinators that our website is one of the best that they have seen. " Pax Christi Illinois Director, Sister Karen Nykiel, O.S.B.

Pax Christi, ILPax Christi Illinois

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Gene Liberty - Ultimate Guitar Shop

Gene Liberty builds stunningly beautiful custom instruments, and has been repairing instruments for over 25 years.

"The website created for my business, is well composed and very easy to navigate. It is devoid of unnecessary clutter and exactly to the point, with very accurate pictures that load quickly. All in all, a very well done and informative site, conforming exactly to my specifications. I would recommend Oleh to anyone wanting to establish a Website."

Gene Liberty's Guitar ShopGene Liberty, Owner, The Ultimate Guitar Repair Shop

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Navigation project

I recently completed some work for Syntax Media, who asked me to create mouseover buttons and associated code for the menus on their Website for their client, John Hall Homes. Please note that all other aspects of the site were created by Syntax Media.

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"It's rare to find a blend of technical and artistic talent in one individual -- Oleh Sydor has managed to excel in both areas, and is equally at ease translating complex concepts into lay terms and real world solutions. He is an excellent teacher and resource for individuals and small businesses. After taking his Photoshop training course, I have decided to choose him as the designer of my Website."

Pat Xavier, Principal, Public Relations Consultants

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