Ukraine and Russia: A Brief History

The pages below show historical imbalances in power and behavior. Links open in separate browser windows:

Ukraine / Russia FAQs

Cultural Appropriation

Catherine "The Great"


Suppression of Ukrainian Culture

Further Russification

Stalin's Mass Murders

The Holodomor: Famine, 1932 - 33

Russian Aggression, from 2014

America's impoverished media ecosystem has become steadily more unreliable even with - or perhaps because of - digital technology. One symptom of this dysfunction is the popular "Whataboutism" ( making invalid comparisons between two wildly disparate events, ideas, or concepts ). Some craven politicians and pundits seek to blame Ukraine for starting the war / provoking Russia into a "self-defense" reaction. This is utter nonsense. Russia's behavior toward all territories and countries which it has controlled - not just Ukraine - has been savage, bloody slaughter and brutal occupation. The *real* truth - NOT Putin's disinformation - is out there. Seek it out.

Humanitarian Relief, Reparations, Gummint Contacts

The map below illustrates the size difference between the two countries. Tiny Ukraine, "threatening" the Big Bear, almost a continent unto itself ? Ludicrous.

Thanks to my friend Joanna who contributed the images for this slideshow.

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