Introduction to D.I.Y. Promotions

Technical note: As part of the playful nature of this site, my client liked the idea of pop-up windows. ( This was before they became the omnipresent plague that they are today ). As a result, the DIY site was filled with pop-ups. If you have a firewall, be aware that it may be configured to suppress all pop-ups.

A history of this site is below...or go directly to D.I.Y. Promotions

You might be wondering why the pages are black with turquoise type. We deliberately designed the site to be pleasant viewing for our clientele. A musician returning from a gig at 4:30 A.M. after several hours in a dark, smoky room and bright spotlights, does not want to stare at a Website with glaring white pages.

Here then, is what used to be ...

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