D.I.Y. Promotions History

I was approached to create a Website by a former musician and music promoter. He was creating a consulting business that would assist young musicians in practical matters such as booking performances, finding agents, and avoiding legal pitfalls in record company contracts. His vision was to create a business that would allow him to sub-contract professionals to assist musicians in all aspects of their career, from photographers and accountants to marketing representatives and graphic designers.

His main product was a mammoth database of music industry contacts, from record company producers to radio stations nationwide. He also wanted an area on the site where unknown bands could post, and sell, their own music with no charge, save a small processing fee. To this end, his programmer set up a secure online ordering system that allowed viewers to purchase CD's from musicians posting their music on the site.

This was easily the most challenging and sometimes most grueling Website project I've ever done. As mentioned previously, it was also the most fun and the most rewarding. I told my employer that I should be paying him, since I learned so much in my tenure as his Web designer. He liked action on a site, so I gave him his money's worth with lots of little GIF animations ( my personal favorite is the set of playing cards on the Home Page ). My design skills increased tremendously, but there was more:

Since he was a tremendously energetic person with a lot on his mind, he did not want to be bothered with the tedium of writing each page. So, after taking some notes on his ideas for content, I also got a chance to write the Website text. I'm happy to say that he was usually thrilled with the results.

I'm particularly happy with our "Musician Career Options", an interactive tutorial that advises musicians on related careers. This area relates the downside, as well as the positives, of careers that might tempt a young band member, as well as required knowledge and personal attributes. I think I accurately represented the pro's and con's of each of the potential careers, with some reality-based humor thrown in for good measure.

Unfortunately, my friend had invested a considerable sum of money in his enterprise and then suffered a series of financial setbacks. He also had become symptomatic with a serious chronic illness. For these reasons, he had to quit the business. And for these reasons, you'll notice that I've removed all references to him on the site, to respect his privacy.

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